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By Century Real Estate January 07, 2019

What is excellence? Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. I relate to the word “distinction,” or as distinguishing from the rest by standing out in uniqueness and exceptional quality. When I think of excellence, I think of exceptional quality, greatness, pre-eminence or even supremacy and transcendence. Excellence is the superlative form of efficiency.

If you are working on anything, do it with excellence. If you are going to accomplish something, build a business, write a book, make a presentation, host an event or whatever the case may be… If you are going to do anything, do it with excellence.

Be the best. When your life is finished, your legacy will either be you lived a life to the fullest and made a maximum impact on those around you, or your life was okay, you were a good person, but others won’t have much to say about your accomplishments or how you impacted them.

This is why pursuing excellence is so important. This is why pursuing excellence is so critical if we’re going to make a difference and rise above the mass. It is easy to go along with what everybody else is already doing. It’s more challenging to be extraordinary and function with excellence.

Performing in a spirit of excellence says a lot about who you are. It also speaks of how you are perceived by those around you. Excellence, functioning in a mind-set and in the spirit of excellence, prepares us for unusual opportunities. It’s the state of being good to a high degree. It is superiority.

The pursuit of excellence should not be limited by the nature of the task. Excellence should be pursued no matter how humble or menial one considers their undertaking. Excellence works against half-hearted, drift-along or go-with-the-flow mind-sets and mentalities. Excellence is the mind-set that drives us to do better.

Excellence is going beyond average. It’s climbing higher than the set standard. If you’re working a job, there is a bar you’re expected to perform to. If you are in business, there is a bottom line you need to meet. Excellence is to go beyond the bar. It is out-performing the expectations of others.

Excellence is observable. If you perform and live your life in the pursuit of excellence, people will notice. You cannot live a life of excellence and not be noticed. It’s impossible. The spirit of excellence relates to what we do.

Here are some of the challenges in pursuing a life of excellence:

1: Refuse to conduct any area of your life in mediocrity.

2: Reject the notion of getting by or doing just enough is an acceptable way of living or an acceptable mind-set.

3: Renew your personal commitment to the pursuit of excellence in everything you do.

Do things with excellence. Pursue excellence today in all things, and see where it takes you.


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