The choice of an independent home or an apartment is a very critical subject that depends on numerous factors. 

By Century Real Estate May 02, 2019

There are two kinds of people: those who prefer living in an apartment and those who love living in an independent house. Buying a plot of land gives you a bigger sense of ownership, where as an apartment offers greater security. Thus, the choice of an independent home or an apartment is a very critical subject that depends on numerous factors, but it ultimately boils down to just a matter of personal preference. And to figure out which of these two options is best for you, we help you analyze the advantages of both.

Advantages in Owning an Apartment:

•Buying a ready-to-move-in flat requires you to either pay a lump-sum amount or take a loan and pay EMIs over a period of time. This implies you pay as you start living in the house.

•You have a wide choice of high-rises at various price points at various locations with specifications according to your budget, taste and preferences.

•Since apartment complexes have a large number of houses, they also attract a large number of businesses to be set up nearby and in a short span of time, the entire area develops and becomes self sustainable without a need to visit central business district (CBD). This also results in appreciation of the property.

•With amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, shopping complexes, ATMs etc., apartment complexes can provide easy access to multiple facilities within the complex.

•Apartments are comparatively safer and you can lock your apartment and go out of station with minimum worry and maximum security.

•Apartment complexes generally have service providers like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc, on retainership and these services are more easily accessible than living in an independent plot.

•Garbage segregation and collection is done responsibly. 

•The association addresses all common issues and an individual need not go around trying to address them.

Advantages in Owning an Independent Plot:

•The prevalent advantage in owning an independent plot is that you have control over the design and architecture of the house along with economical pricing of house materials used and its quality. What portions of the land are to be used for construction and how much is to be left vacant for gardening or future construction is solely your decision.

•The maintenance you need to pay to the owners’ association in an apartment is a regular monthly cash outflow whether you use the amenities or not. The maintenance charges keep increasing year after year. In an independent home, these charges can be eliminated.

•You can at the most keep potted plants in your balcony in an apartment. But in an independent plot, you can have a garden and growing your favorite fruits and vegetables will not be a problem.

•Keeping pets will be easier with larger land space and no other resident complaining about it; unlike in an apartment.

•You can certainly be secure of more privacy and freedom when living in an independent plot rather than an apartment.


Choose the best option after analyzing your needs, financial abilities and liabilities. For a modern nuclear family on a budget, an apartment is the best option. Builders have sensed this demand and are catering to it. 

Now we have the concept of premium apartment homes and duplexes to cater to a niche segment of buyers that also consider owning such apartments as a status symbol. The builders are also providing all sorts of amenities to attract such buyers. If you were merely looking to invest your funds for a few years until you are ready to invest in a flat, a plot in a location that will see appreciation in the future would be a good idea. However, if you are looking for recurring returns, you may want to consider investing in a flat.

Also, banks and housing finance companies have no problems in financing whether it is an independent house or an apartment. There is no such thing that one is better than the other. The choice is entirely left to the individual and it depends to a large extent on individual preferences and one’s financial means.




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