By Century Real Estate August 03, 2020

Bacillus Calmette‐Guerin (BCG)

Sponsored by University of Melbourne and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

BCG vaccines are being studied in the randomized, controlled, Phase 3 BRACE trial.

Researchers in the Netherlands launched the randomized, parallel-assignment, phase 3 BCG CORONA trial in March 2020. Estimated completion date of study is October 2020


Sponsored by Pfizer and BioNTech.

On 30 May, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said the vaccine could be available in the fall of 2020. Pfizer and BioNtech have published results from the study that suggests one of the BNT162 candidates, BNT162b1, produced a neutralizing antibody response in participants who received the vaccine.


Sponsored by The University of Oxford,  AstraZeneca & IQVIA.

On 21 May, AstraZeneca announced it has received $1 billion in funding from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for “development, production and delivery of the vaccine,” beginning in September 2020.


Sponsored by Genexine.

The company has been approved for a Phase 1/2a clinical trial of 190 healthy participants randomized to receive the vaccine or placebo (NCT04445389).

The company aims to complete Phase 1 in 3 months before moving to a multinational Phase 2 trial.


Sponsored by Moderna.

The company's Phase 2 study has completed enrolling patients, and Moderna began administering mRNA-1273 to patients in their Phase 2 trial on 29 May 2020.

The company is finalizing the protocol for a Phase 3 trial of 30,000 volunteers, expected to start by 27 July 2020.


Sponsored by Sinovac.

Results from the Phase 1/2 trials showed no serious adverse events. Neutralizing antibodies were observed 14 days after vaccine administration, and the company reported a greater than 90% neutralizing antibody seroconversion rate, indicating a positive immune response.

With 3 vaccines under trial 3, a medical solution is looking around the corner in the next 4 months.

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